image editing

Need more punch in your image? people or objects removed? Added?

editing your photo

Change backgrounds, remove objects, add snap to an image,resize, crop, improve skin tones, retouch an image, merge photographs, create a video slideshow of photos.
When you can't retake it so need to edit the picture
An unedited photography of bangkok Skyline at sunset

Bangkok Skyline unedited

So you have your photograph …. but it’s not quite what you expected. 

Bangkok skyline, same picture, edited.

It’s just a bit flat and ..well.. boring. There’s that logo at the back, that nobody noticed, there’s that guy in the picture who shouldn’t be there, or the guy that should be there but isn’t.  Or maybe it’s a very unflattering angle, and someone looks chubby when they’re not really, or simply the light isn’t right and the image looks flat, it has no punch, the sky is grey.  What are your options.  Well you can always retake the picture, and improve it.  That’s normally the simplest solution.  But sometimes you can’t do that. So what then? Well… you can talk to me.  I can’t tell you here exactly what can be done to improve your image, that depends on a whole number of factors.  But what I can do is look at your image for free, and then give you a realistic assessment of what I can do to improve it. Generally, the higher resolution and quality the image, the more scope there is to improve it. My rates are reasonable and I will give you an honest answer as to whether I can make the changes you want.

Why should you me to edit your pictures?

  1. I’ve been working with Photoshop editing photographs for over 10 years, so I know what I’ve doing.
  2. You will be dealing directly with the person doing the editing, so no middlemen to slow the process, confuse the issues or bump up the price.
  3. I’m a photographer and well as a photo-editor so I understand the full process; exactly what the possibilities and limitations are.
  4. I will give you an honest and realistic assessment of what can be changed and what can not before starting work.

I offer this service Worldwide. So if you want images editing in London, images editing in Phuket or Bangkok, images editing in New York of Berlin, my service is exactly the same