video Slideshow

Would you like your stills photographs turned into a dymanic video slideshow?

A video slideshow from your photographs

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Want your slideshow turned in to a video?

The days of photographic slides on a carousel have long gone.  

We all use digital images nowadays, normally jpeg files.  You can import these in to Powerpoint, or a similar programme, and you can make a passable slideshow. I’ve done it thousands of times.  But working with music or soundtracks is now easy (because this is not why these programmes were designed) and it looks pretty static and dated nowadays. 

I can take your digital images and create a dynamic video for you.  A video where slides will track and zoom, where titles will scroll or type or whatever you want. A video where the music will be timed perfectly. I can add video clips within the show if you want. The scope is almost as endless as your imagination.  I will normally produce this as an MP4, to it can be projected, or played on a laptop, ipad or mobile phone. You can check out a couple of short video slideshows I’ve produced, below.

I offer this service Worldwide. You simply need to email me and descibe what you are looking for.  If you’re not sure I can offer guidance here. Once the images are sent through I will create your video to your specifications.  If you require music I have a wide selection to choose from (without copyright issues).  Videos will be sent via dropbox or similar.

So if you are in London or Birmingham, Bangkok or Phuket, Cairns or Perth, New York or New England, it makes no difference. This is a global service. So why not get in touch.